The Perfect Gift for the Novice or Experienced Cook
56 Seasonal, flavorful dinners.
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The Peaceful Dinners System - A Collection of Menus, Shopping Lists, and Recipes + our Special Love Spice Blend

 Peaceful Dinners will change the way you prepare beautiful, seasonal, and simple meals for those you love. 

The Fall/Winter System is based on 14 weekly menus. Each menu has a corresponding shopping list and four complete dinner recipes per week. 

Peaceful dinners is perfect for the beginning cook who wants an organized system to help them gain confidence in the kitchen and for an experienced cook who wants new ideas and well-written recipes for inspiration. 

The system features both classic recipes and new ideas for making delicious dinners everyone will love, and you will feel proud to serve.

The recipes are printed on beautifully designed 6x7 cards fastened with a ring so you can expand with additional seasonal versions over time. Allowing you to customize your family's favorites. 

Each card includes clear, step-by-step instructions prompting you when to complete each step so your meal will be timed perfectly!

Each week you will use up all the ingredients on the shopping list, so no more food waste. 

The system is printed in the USA on an eco-friendly material that is waterproof and tear-resistant. Easy to carry with you whenever you need it. 

You will also receive a canvas bag full of Love Spice Blend, our special mixture used throughout the recipes; no more expensive spices needed to flavor every new recipe. This universal blend will make everything taste more flavorful!

Each holiday we will deliver a plan to your inbox with our best recipes and inspirational tips for a peaceful celebration!
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