The Perfect Gift for the Novice or Experienced Cook
56 Seasonal, flavorful dinners.

Tricia Wheeler created Peaceful Dinners after seeing the universal struggle many experienced in the kitchen trying to plan, cook, and serve dinner to their loved ones.

As a Chef, Wife, and Mother, she understood how precious our time is and how dinner was sometimes the only point in the day we could come together and connect. She wanted to create a system to take away the stress and chaos many experienced around dinner time and replace it with a plan anyone could follow.

Tricia set out to redesign the traditional cookbook into a more useable tool for the everyday cook. She designed it to be portable, so you could easily carry it with you, and instead of being bound, it is held together by a ring mechanism to make it easy to remove pages. She found a unique material to make it waterproof and tear-resistant so it would be durable and long-lasting.

Tricia created this system, so dinner time would be more enjoyable and easier to execute. She hopes for more meaningful time around the table and delicious meals shared by loved ones for all that follow the Peaceful Dinners system.







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