The Perfect Gift for the Novice or Experienced Cook
56 Seasonal, flavorful dinners.
In 2009 I set out to pursue a new career. I had always wanted to go to culinary school, but it wasn’t until my first business was acquired that I could go. I entered the Culinary Arts immersion program at the French Culinary Institute in NYC. A long time dream. My mother came and watched my two-year-old daughter, and my husband commuted on weekends. It was a family affair to allow me the time and space to study something new.

The idea for peaceful dinners came about during culinary school. I kept thinking if I could only teach my friends what I was learning and could write them a plan, I could make cooking dinner easier for them. I was being taught at the highest levels, but my mind was always on sharing what I was learning at the professional level with those closest to me.

When I returned to my hometown of Columbus, Ohio, I started a cooking school, The Seasoned Farmhouse, devoted to home cooks, and we spent the last ten years teaching a busy rooster of diverse classes. From apple strudel making to French Mother Sauces, we have covered so many wonderful areas of cooking and made many friends in the process.

All of us have been affected one way or another during Covid and have possibly found ourselves having more time to think and create than we ever had before in our busy lives. I found this to be true for me. I decided to use the time to write the plan I had dreamed of so many years ago. Hoping that it would give people an easy-to-follow system of menus, recipes, and shopping lists, making the whole process of cooking dinner at home easier and more delicious. Allowing them more peaceful time around the table.
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